{Mr & Mrs Scott Hamilton: August 14th, 2010}

Scott & Carolyn get the honor of being the first Wedding Post on our new blog!  We’re excited to be back up and running and especially excited to share images from Scott & Carolyn’s Wedding with you!  On a very beautiful day in August, these two love birds tied the knot at a fabulous location in quaint Livermore, CA, called Murrieta’s Well.  I’ve never photographed there before, so it was fun to work at a new spot.

We started at the Rose Hotel in Pleasanton, where they were both getting ready, along with their bridal party and families.  As far as calm goes…these two were just that, or so it seemed.  Scott and Carolyn were just happy, plain and simple, they adore each other and it completely shows.  They were both all smiles when we saw them individually, before the Ceremony, at the hotel, so I knew it was going to be a wonderful day!

There were a lot more smiles, laughter and good times that occurred that evening and I can easily say that I just loved working with them both, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity at being a part of their special day!  Here are some of my favs from their Event!  NJoy!

{Where have we been???}

Hard at work!

Now Jax (my 2 1/2 year old) is helping me run the show…

And he’s doing a great job, however…

He is a very structured and precise boss!!!

But he also loves and supports his mommy, during workdays that consist of long hours ;o)  And he holds down the fort while Mommy takes a nap…

All kidding aside, the only thing Jaxon works, is the camera.  He is my number one model and if he hated the camera, I don’t know what I’d do!  He did a great job of acting, as you can see and took instructions well, so give him a hand!

Now, back to the grind…after a month or more of working hard to update many pieces of what we do, you will now be completely overwhelmed, yet up to speed with all that has been happening in our world of photography!  We have added some new pages to our website, including an “Our Technique” page, which displays a fabulous picture explanation of…well…our technique.  It’s what we love to do and why we say that images coming straight out of our camera are only the first step in our creation of our finished IMAGE ART!

You will also find a separate Album page, where you can actually view samples of all our Album Styles and we have added a new page called “Dazzling Decor“, which features the Print/Mount options we offer, as well as a variety of other specialty products.  The Dazzling Decor page will be updated regularly as new products roll out, so we’re very excited to share this information with everyone!

In addition to our website updates, one of the biggest changes we’ve been working on, is our blog!  We have been trying to figure out the best way to not only share our newest, most current work, but at the same time, provide a security for our clients with their images being online.  So, this is the introduction to our new blogsite, which we will now get back to using on a more consistent basis!  Our goal is to utilize our blog as means of communication with everyone as well….to let you know what monthly incentives we’re offering, keep you informed of special events or just to chat about something fun!

We apologize for the lengthy time ‘offline’, if you will, but we hope you enjoy these updates and we’d love for you to visit as often as you can, post comments or even just say HI.  Keeping in touch with our friends and clients is very important to us!  We look forward to capturing a gallery of Fresh, Vibrant and Real Image Art for you soon!